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Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth Speakers Review & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 rs? But, confused about which one will perfect for you? And also loveable to your family. Yes, I have an honest suggestion for picking the Bluetooth speakers online. 

Hi, my name is Shamik, and in this article, we will know what the best portable Bluetooth speakers for our home are. Today we are going to review the newly launched Infinity fuze 700 Bluetooth Speaker by Infinity.
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Infinity Fuze 700 Review: The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker
infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker

Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth Speaker: Features

  • best Bluetooth speakers under 5000
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • Built-in 2600mAh Powerbank
  • It provides Dual Equaliser Modes for Normal and Deep Bass experience
  • 10 hours of continuous music playtime
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Durable Fabric Material & Build quality
  • Pair 2 Infinity Fuze 700 Speakers with Dual Speaker Connect
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty  

You might know that Infinity is a sister brand of JBL and which is owned by Harman. So they know how to make products that have killer sound. Let’s start the infinity Fuze 700 review

Box Contains

In the box, you get a Micro USB charging cable, and a strap, some papers, and the speakers itself. 


The Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker has an imposing design. The build quality is also amiable, and it is up to the JBL standards. The fabric on the front looks and feels great. The rubber sides blend well with the design. You have these very nice looking bass radiators typical for JBL Bluetooth speakers
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Build Quality

Infinity Fuze 700 is the one of the best bluetooth speakers under 5000
Infinity Fuze 700 is the one of the best bluetooth speakers under 5000

The infinity logo has this circular brushed metal logo, which looks very premium. On top, you have buttons for power, pairing, playing, and pausing along with the volume control. You can use the volume buttons to change tracks. The play pause button you can use to attend or reject calls. And for launching the smart assistant, which you can do by double pressing it. 

This speaker also features a real wireless stereo connect. So if you have another Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker, you can pair both of these with each other and use it in stereo mode. It would sound great. You also have a silver hook to put the shoelace through and use as a strap. Removing the flap at the back would let you access the micro USB charging port. You can also use along with an AUX-in port for using it in wired mode. And you also have a full-sized USB port with an output of 1 Ampere, which you can use to charge your smartphones or other devices. 

The Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker also has an IPX7 water resistance rating. So you can easily use it in the bathroom, or at the beach as it can withstand complete immersion in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes. The highs are excellent, even though the speakers don’t have any tweeters. 

Battery Backup

infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker Battery Backup
infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker Battery Backup

The battery life of the infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker is around 10 hours. It has a 2600 mAh battery inside. And I think this is the only weakness of this speaker. My Anker Soundcore 2, which costs half of it, lasts for 24 hours with its 5200 mAh battery. It is precisely the double of Infinity Fuze 700. Couple this with the fact that you might want to use this to charge your smartphones.  

But 10 hours of playback time is still not bad by any means. And you can charge it while playing music on it too. So I think it won’t be an issue for most people looking for the best Bluetooth speakers online. You also have four white LEDs that indicate the battery level, which is an excellent addition. It also charges pretty quickly, which is not surprising considering the size of the battery.
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I tested these portable Bluetooth speakers for phone calls, and it is pretty good. And even if you keep it at a distance, the person you called will be able to understand you. By the way, make sure to subscribe to our website because I’ll have lots of new products review and buying guides soon. 

Sound Quality

Now coming to sound quality, I have to say that the infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker delivers a powerful sound that you expected from a reputed brand. The best thing is that it looks like a much bigger speaker than it is. One feature that all of the new infinity products have is a Dual Equalizer, making it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 rs

And I think that every consumer audio company should start having a feature like this. So you have the deep bass mode where the bass is very exaggerated. And if you want to impress people which how much bass it can output, I guess it is beautiful. Most people make a mistake by thinking that Bluetooth speakers with more amount of bass are better. Which makes all these companies tweak their products to have excess and overpowering bass. 

So when you have a feature like Dual equalizer, you can switch between that boosted bass mode and a ‘normal bass’ mode, which sounds much better and balanced. So with ‘deep bass mode,’ the speaker doesn’t go any lower than it can because of physics. But the bass becomes loose, and even though the amount is more, it messes up with the other details of the music. 

Video credit to Aditya CinnaDurai

With the normal mode, the sound signature still has some emphasis on bass. But it’s much better and controlled, and the amount is still plenty. Even in normal mode, the bass goes deep for Bluetooth speakers of this size. I was quickly able to hear different notes of a bass guitar, which is pretty impressive. The mids are also good. 

But I feel like there is a slight emphasis in the upper vocal range. It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 for watching TV shows and movies. It makes the dialogue more audible, and I enjoyed that. But while listening to music, it makes the vocals sound a bit shouty. But it’s easy to fix, and you can use an Equalizer to reduce these frequencies if you find this to be an issue. 

It can fill a medium-sized room with quality sound. Still, it doesn’t sound as good at the highest volumes as it would seem at 50-80% volume. But at 80% volume, it provides pretty good sound. And you will not need to reach that level most of the time. 

best bluetooth speakers under 5000
best bluetooth speakers under 5000

The highs are sweet for these portable Bluetooth speakers that don’t have tweeters. The sound appears to be coming from around the speaker, rather than just the front. It provides a lovely feeling effect. Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker sound is very loud with its two 2.1 inches 10-watt drivers. Also read: Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth Speaker: Specification

Brand Infinity
Model Fuze 700
Item Weight 703 g
Product Dimensions 7.5 x 8.4 x 20.4 cm
Additional Features IPX7 Waterproof
Wattage 20 Watts
Speaker Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth
MRP Rs.8999
Buy Price Rs.4299 (Approx)

So overall, I am happy with the sound of the infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker. I use it a lot while watching TV, and it has made that experience very enjoyable. And it’s great to have something that you can adjust to the tastes of different people’s feedback. 

So let me know your thoughts about the infinity Fuze 700 Bluetooth speaker in the comments section below. I’ll provide the links to buy this in the below of this article. If you wish to purchase these Bluetooth speakers, check out below for the great discount still available or not. 

  • Very good base
  • Awesome build quality
  • Dual Equaliser Modes
  • It provides surround sound experience
  • Kind of over price

So, guys, that’s all for the infinity Fuze 700 review. Share this article on your Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, so that your friends also notify about this review. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog Honesty Guide, and I’ll see you in my next review soon.

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